Ryan Pechnick is a Chicago-born, American artist based in Toronto, Canada. His artworks stretch across a number of disciplines, including: photography, sculpture, video, and installation. His work explores the uncanny and strangely familiar substructures of natural order whose effects we experience either in Nature or in the human infrastructure we have built for our civilization.  Our understanding of our lived experience is blurred between the direct experience of our senses being intertwined with both our rational scientific objective understandings of the world as well as our metaphysical beliefs that can include spirituality, pleasure, mythology, and meaning.

Pechnick's art takes form as a means capture fleeting sensory experience through the creation physically changing sculptural installations along side photographic and video documentation of phenomena in the world. The subject matters behind the conceptual and philosophic battles within the work concern a great many fields of study including: Epistemology (the study of how knowledge is formed and understood), Complex Systems Theory (an applied discipline in Physics that seeks to explain how form and order come out of chaos), Zen philosophy, Catholicism, Phenomenology, Ritual, the male body, Masculinity, Catholicism, the Natural Sciences, Ephemerality (in opposition to permanence), and Esotericism (the study of occult meanings, symbols, and encoding privileged knowledge).

Pechnick previously studied Biophysics & Mathematics at Loyola University Chicago. He was a research assistant to breast cancer researcher Robert Nishikawa at the Pritzker School of Medicine at the University of Chicago as well as an intern at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.  

He holds  an MFA in Interdisciplinary Art, Media, and Design from OCAD University and a BFA in Photography from the Kansas City Art Institute. His outdoor sculptures are on permanent exhibition at ArtPark in New York. He has shown artwork internationally in solo and group exhibitions alongside the artworks of such artists as Roxy Paine, John Waters, and Jasper Johns.

Named one of "the 30 most exciting artists in Toronto right now" by blogTO in 2017.

He was selected in 2016 by Marianne Katzman of Katzman Contemporary gallery and Richard Rhodes, Editor of Canadian Art 1996-2015, as one of 16 artists who are "actively raising the bar for Canada’s commercial art world".

Contact: ryanpechnick@gmail.com

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